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  1. past of bump

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Bump or Bumps may refer to:
  • Bump (Internet), raising a thread's profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads
  • Bump (union), in an unionised work environment, a re-assignment of jobs on the basis of seniority
  • Bump (football), a body contact alternative to a tackle and shepherding method in Australian Rules Football
  • Bump (rowing), a feature of rowing at Oxford and Cambridge
  • Bumps race, a type of rowing competition
  • Bump mapping, a computer graphics technique
  • Speed bump, a raised portion of road designed to slow traffic
  • Coal mine bump, a seismic jolt occurring within a mine
  • Lock bumping, a method of lock picking
  • The bumps, a birthday tradition
In entertainment:
Bump may also refer to:
  • The removal of passengers from an overbooked airline flight
  • Colloquialism for a skin lesion such as pimple, blackhead, etc.
  • A "shout out"
  • A dosage of some illegal substance (slang, most often in reference to cocaine)
  • The basketball elimination game invented by Keith Setty and Garyn Waits in 1987. Knockout (game)
  • A pregnant celebrity (starting to show)
  • A small dose of cocaine to continue the recreational effect or prevent the comedown.
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